Sentry Vision - SentryClick

Prevent Product Recalls and Costly Rework for Good

SentryClick the UK's only pay per use vision system


Inspections for less money than it costs to employ a member of staff!

Did that get your attention?

SentryClick is our offering for customers who need a system now who cannot wait for time-consuming Capex's to go through. 

In simple terms, we will install a system based on the spec you need and you pay per inspection*.

Would you like to get started straight away? with SentryClick you can!

*fair use & non-use policy applies.



SentryLite Options to specify but with a click charge:

  • Number of cameras
  • Number of areas to check
  • Options for brackets
  • Specify to check dates
  • Specify to check barcodes
  • Specify cap colour checking
  • Specify Number of users
  • Kiosk options
  • Space saving options
  • Screen size options