Sentry Vision Dashboard

Real time information you can trust to drive production forwards.


At CSL we believe that the information from Sentry is invaluable to the production supervisors and management, to properly demostrate the power this has it is shown on Sentry Dashboard.

Sentry Dashboard is easily accessible from any internal network and can be configurable with user access rights to lock information down to who requires it.


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Control your production from your office rather than using up valuable time travelling to production, putting all the information in an easy to use web browser with real time information direct from the Sentry system.



Set real KPI's that everyone can buy into and visually see across the business.

Dashboard enables you to easily export data to other sources like Excel to be manipulated outside of the dashboard environment.

KPI Reporting


Sentry is real time, enabling information to be pushed to the dashboard, this valuable information enables our customers to ensure their production stays on track.

Real Time Information


Our dashboard is designed round our customers to enable it to be visual & relevant to everyone who uses it